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Who we are?

Regenate Group is a conscious private equity firm that helps people and businesses to operate at their highest potential through a combined focus on deep tech and impact, ecosystems thinking, and data science.

We are a purpose driven team of experienced private equity professionals, impact experts, and human potential specialists, supported by big data and deep tech talent unified to unlock the potential of impact, people, and technology. We create financial and beyond-financial value for investors as well as for our portfolio companies and their ecosystems.

In recent years, we have been observing a fundamental shift in financial markets towards ascribing material value to impact. ESG and other sustainability initiatives, although being focused predominantly on compliance, are forecasted to be applied by one third of the market (or US$ 53 trillion AUM) by 2025. With regulatory tailwinds, ESG reporting is expected to become globally standardized and mandatory, producing an abundance of data and unlocking a new dimension for evaluating and building value

An increasing number of companies that redirected their business models towards impact, sustainability and strategic ecosystems have repeatedly proven to be more profitable, more valuable, and more resilient than their conventionally operated peers. 

We are witnessing circumstances conducive for the development of a new investment paradigm that combines conscious impact with financial success, delivering higher returns as well as solving a number of pressing global issues such as climate change, depleting natural resources or biodiversity loss. 

Our mission is to co-create this new paradigm.

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