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Who we are?

Regenate is a private equity firm dedicated to creating value through a unique strategy focused on purpose, people, and the planet.


Our mission is to be the partner of choice for companies that blend technology with impact, specifically within the European Energy, Mobility, and Food & Agriculture sectors.

We empower pioneering teams and businesses to transform the Energy, Mobility, and Food & Agriculture industries, which are responsible for 94% of global emissions and have seen limited digitalization. Our growth and buyout-focused model goes beyond the limitations of conventional private equity by emphasizing a strong purpose-driven approach, integrating science-based methodologies for human potential, and implementing practical digitalization. This strategy ensures we build businesses that are not only more profitable and valuable but also more resilient.

Our team, comprising seasoned investors and operators driven by a shared commitment to purpose and impact, has successfully executed over 50  transactions, representing more than EUR 4 billion in equity. We are bolstered by an ecosystem of mission-oriented experts in finance, sustainability, technology, data science, human potential, and organizational development.

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