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Natura Refleksje na szkle kryształowym

Investment Strategy

  • Regenate targets investments in mid-sized companies operating deep tech business models in Energy, Mobility, Food & Agriculture and other sectors characterized with a combination of impact, technology and return. We support companies in late growth and buyout stage to limit risk and maximize impact potential.

  • We believe in active cooperation with teams of portfolio companies to allow them to reach their full potential. We have designed proprietary programs for synchronizing and developing leadership teams, optimizing business models to create strategic ecosystems, and leveraging the latest (regenerative) technologies. We aim to build businesses into future-proof power nodes influencing environment and society.

  • We empower mission-oriented entrepreneurs, investors and managers (via Regenerative MBOs) with perspective, capital, and resources through building true partnerships and communities of like-minded people and institutions.

  • We are here for the long term. Outstanding financial returns come as an effect of our balanced holistic value creation strategy and not the only goal. Our ambition is regeneration of the planet and society, averting negative changes and leading by example to build a new, inclusive economic system. 

  • We strongly believe in technology and data science. To evaluate performance, we are developing our proprietary Regenate Quantum system, measuring external and internal aspects of business operations. Regenate Quantum will pervade all fund processes, including scouting, screening and monitoring investment projects, as well as measuring their environmental and social impact.

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